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  • Extensions
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    Betcha can't tell they're extensions?! Gorgeous. @Melvsdelle
  • Natural, textured hair
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    Natural, textured hair
    Starter locks!! Stay tuned for the updates. @Melvsdelle
  • eeny, meeny, miney, moo.....
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    eeny, meeny, miney, moo.....
    Which pic is the extension pic? Each of these clients have naturally textured hair. Each client also received a haircut. Who had extensions installed? 😛 comment below!
  • Ta Freakin Da!!!
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    Ta Freakin Da!!!
    This is the kind of magic being performed daily here. Get your reservation for your own particular magic show today!

    "When she walked in with all that FRO! I fell in love immediately!"
  • Blonde bombshell
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    Blonde bombshell
    Blonde bombshell.